Meet the Animals of

Finally Farm

Lily and Daisy are Nigerian Dwarf goats. Their favorite things are snuggling, hopping and jumping, exploring

and eating!

Lily & Daisy

Bonnie & Clyde

These two are quite the duo! Bonnie is shy but so sweet! Her partner in crime, Clyde, is about as friendly and happy as a sheep can be! They are Babydoll Sheep, a miniature breed, and look like they're always smiling!


Thelma and Louise are Toggenburg Goats, a Swiss Dairy breed. They were born in April of 2017 and will grow to be about 115 pounds! Louise is very outgoing and loves to run and play with the other animals, while Thelma would rather hang out with a human

and watch the action, although they are never too far from each other. These girls don't travel, so book a Farm Party

to meet them!

Buddy the Goat

Buddy is a Nigerian Dwarf Goat. We call him Buddy because everyone walks up to him in delight and says "Hey, buddy!" He's a charmer who will never turn down a snuggle and loves a good romp that includes kicking

up his heels!

Mater and Cotton are sheep, but not the same kind! Cotton has fluffy wool that is sheared, and Mater is a "Hair Sheep", which means he sheds his hair fiber like a dog! Cotton is sweet and mello and loves head scratches. Mater is a friendly goofball and always curious!

Mater & Cotton


Luna is an Anatolian Shepherd / Akbash mix. She is a Livestock Guardian Dog, and her job is to be one of the flock and protect the animals and farm. She is about 125 pounds of sweetness! For being so big, she is as gentle as they come. Luna loves meeting new people, especially children!, and lounging in the pasture (or on the couch). 


Finally Farm is not open to the public. We are only able to accommodate private scheduled events.


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